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The Little Runway is all about changing the world one good deed at a time and thanks to our fab team and mini models we are helping to make a difference.

The Little Runway team all volunteer their time and skill to make the event AWESOME- yup thats right - no one gets paid - from interns to photographers, and make up artists & events team to the mini models you see strutting their stuff on the runway. We do it because we LOVE it!!

All proceeds from the event are then used to purchase things to make the lives a little bit easier for the kids in the slums of Thailand.

Such a small outreach can have HUGE effects of these children and are often LIFE CHANGING. The children are AMAZING and deserve the very best and we are so proud to be able to help them.

The brands that we work with help too by donating samples, clothing and product for us to give directly to the kids and their families.

In 2016 I jumped on the plane to Thailand to personally deliver the goodies

Want to see what you have helped to do?


Lek’s Family


Lek lives in the remote jungle of Phung Nah and is raised by his elderly grandmother and sometimes his father who is an alcoholic and rarely supports his son. Lek’s grandmother is 74 years old and each day picks fruit and walks almost 2 hours to the main road and back each day to sell the fruit she has picked in order to be able to feed the family. She makes about $3 per day.

When she returns home, her and Lek must collect wood to make a fire to cook their dinner over as they have no stove. Lek is sponsored by local not for profit and our besties at ACF who pay for his schooling and all associated educational expenses.


          What did we do for Lek?

We bought Lek’s grandmother a brand new high gas stove with a huge gas bottle so that she can cook without having to collect wood and without having to lean over a fire.

We bought the family a huge tub of cooking supplies and dry goods to stock their cupboard with so that they had essential supplies that would last about 4 months so that the family would have less stress and so that Lek will have enough to eat without being hungry for school.

We bought Lek a brand new outfit thanks to some of our friends and a bag of educational supplies. (His fave were the connector highlighters and gel pens).

We bought the fresh fruit that grandma had collected to sell over the next couple of days so that she could spend some time with Lek and they could enjoy some days together as a family.


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Ice’s Family


Ice lives in a remote area of Phang Na and is raised by his father after his mother passed away. Ice’s father does odd jobs in order to earn money to feed himself and Ice but their is never enough work.

Ice’s education is sponsored by ACF and they took us to meet his beautiful little fam. 

Ice doesn’t have a fridge to keep their food fresh so they just buy enough food to cook for each meal.


          What did we do for Ice?

We bought Ice a new fridge so that they can store their food. A nice shiny blue fridge for the boys. Ice’s dad was so excited to have a fridge so that they could store food and he would not have to go shopping on a meal by meal basis. To make it even better we filled the fridge to the brim with essentials.

We also gave them a huge tub of dry food so that their cupboards would be full as well, which would take some pressure off Ice’s Dad about the lack of work in the area.

We bought Ice a brand new outfit thanks to some of our friends and a bag of educational supplies. Ice was so excited as he loves school and learning and received very good marks at school.

Ice and his Dad surprised us too as they had been working hard and carved us a little wooden boat out of local wood to show their thanks. Isn't it the coolest?



Bai Fern


Bai Fern lives in the slums of Phuket with her mum and her 7 brothers. Her Dad is currently in prison, which means that Bai Ferns mum needs to work day and night collecting and sorting rubbish and recyclables to earn enough money to feed her family. While she is working, Bai Fern takes on the mother role and looks after her younger siblings in the small shack they live in with no running water. The children have no toys and play in some of the rubbish that has been collected and in the dirt around the house. At night the family all sleep on one double bare mattress and a handful of old mouldy pillows.

Bai Fern is sponsored by local not for profit and our besties at ACF who pay for her schooling and all associated educational expenses. They are such a beautiful family and we were so pleased to visit and help.


             What did we do for Bai Fern?


We visited the family and as a rare treat, Bai Ferns mum took some time off from collecting the rubbish to meet us. The children were really excited to see us - and even more so when they realised that we had bought a big tub of toys - the FIRST TOYS they had ever had! Our goodies included a big wooden train track with trains, animals and a little village, cars, puzzles, blocks, a big pile of colouring books and art supplies. It was such a lovely moment and all of the kids worked together to set up a little town with all of the toys. The older boys were super impressed with the colouring books, art and craft supplies and were busy working on what they would do first.

The surprises kept on coming for the family as we gave them a new clean mattress and our friends at SACK ME sent us with the most AMAZING bedding - sheets and a new pillow and fun pillow cases for all of the family. The kids loved making the bed and laying amongst the pillows, working out which one they would sleep on.

We also bought the family a huge tub of cooking supplies and dry goods to stock their cupboard with so that they had essential supplies that would last about a couple of months so that their mother would have less stress with having to work enough hours until she had earned enough money for food for the day.

This was such a beautiful family to visit and we were so grateful to be invited into their home and to see how hard their mother worked so that she could give them as much as she could on very limited resources and without any help. As we left she wanted to thank us again and she couldn't believe that we had wanted to come and help her when no one else has wanted to help and spend time with her family before.


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The Camp!


As you know we like to throw a great event and the mini ‘camp’ (and by camp we partnered with a local hotel and booked out rooms for the kids, mums and staff to make it really special) was no exception!

Thanks to the generosity of the Bria Resort and our friends at ACF we were able to take 22 girls - who are very high risk of dropping out of education, exploitation, family violence and with their mums on a weekend ‘camp’ so that they could spend one on one time with their mothers which is a very rare thing for them. The aim of the camp was to tell the girls that they are ‘worth it’ that they could do great things no matter what their social status is and that most importantly no matter what they always had their mum, whose love is like no other.

Not only was it the first time that any of the kids and mums had ever been to a hotel - the resort ensured that all of the rooms were swim up rooms so that they could jump off their balcony into the pool! So fancy! The looks on the kids faces were priceless!

Thanks to our friends and sponsors each girl was given a goodie bag which contained a brand new outfit, underwear, toiletries, really cute notepads, pens and other stationary and some special treats and goodies. 

Through out the weekend, each of the girls made their own ‘dreams’ journal - their own special space where they could fill with their hopes and dreams, things that motivate and inspire them. It was a really special activity and they all enjoyed it and we hope that they are continuing to use the journal for inspiration and to help them reach their goals.


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 1.28.47 am.png

           Our camp schedule included - 

An introduction and some fun name games - and Fruit Salad - lots of games of fruit salad!

A pamper session where the girls made a hand scrub and the treated their mums by giving them a hand massage, hand scrub and manicure. This was the first time that they had ever seen cucumber cut into slices and put over closed eyes for relaxation - LOTS of laughing at this!

Self esteem building and team games and activities.

Creating their very own sock monkeys to take home.

Jewellery making- the girls made a bracelet for their mum and their mums made one for them.

Lots of games and activities to show them how to value their worth.

and of course a HUGE DISCO PARTY! This was such a hit and the girls loved dragging their mums onto the dance floor to dance with glow sticks and top Thai pop songs.

At the party we did what we do best and had a pop up fashion show where the girls had two minutes to get into teams and make a fashion outfit out of a roll of foil and then model it for everyone. SO MUCH FUN!!!


It was such a wonderful weekend and I will be forever grateful that I was able to meet such an amazing group of strong women who despite their circumstances, do what they can for their children. Although it may be seen as a ‘treat activity’ taking the girls on a camp, we feel that is really is an essential service - being able to spend time with your children, to show them how much you care for them and just how special they are. The self belief that the girls went away with, the huge smiles, the tears and the hugs are something that I will never forget.

Thank YOU for making this happen !

It is hard to imagine that these small gifts and acts of kindness that we were able to gift can change lives and give hope for the future.

Counting down the days until we can make this happen again! Love that through fashion and kindness our kids are helping kids in need.


Lets work together to make this bigger and better next time around!